And we’re off – flippers and all.

The first few chapters were a quick read, but boy did they take you some places. My stomach turned reading about the Admiral’s pelvis being ripped apart by that parachute. I would get so immersed in the story, but kept coming back to, “How can I apply this?” I tried to let that go and just hear this man’s story. Not everything has to be about ME! And that is the exact notion that became quite ironic as I was reminded about the importance of teamwork.

Week 2: Preface to chapter 3

In these chapters, you’re given a deeper dive into the Admiral’s SEAL life – from how he entered the recruiting office, to hearing about fellow SEALs he trained with, to the grueling process of making his bed.

I have a confession. I don’t make my bed. And I couldn’t help but feeling like a piece of you know what as I read about this man’s discipline, drive and experience. But, I don’t think that was his point. He’s here to teach, to prepare. Being more prepared for life’s ups and downs is crucial. Like he said, no one is immune to life’s tragedies.

So, where do we start? Well, I have a challenge for you! Make your bed – and ask others in your house to do the same – for one week. A week! We can do that, right? See if you feel more prepared for the day. Do it and then tell us all how it went.

Discussion: Once you’ve read/watched the assigned section, answer this question in the comments section.  

What or who helps you feel prepared for life’s inevitable ups and downs?

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  • My faith has given me the courage and perseverance to move forward in life’s storms. There have always been people (mostly friends and people within the church) who have walked along side me during some of the toughest times in my life. Stillbirth of our first child, loss of parents, mental health and addiction issues of relatives, loss of job. There have always been good people who empathized with me, offered hope, meals, letters of encouragement. I hope that I have offered the same to others over the years. I am thankful to look back on many of the tough times and see there can be peace and joy despite life’s struggles.

  • My mother is a peds nurse practitioner – before that she was a nurse in the Norton Children’s ER for 19 years. She has great perspective. She would joke when I was younger if I came to her with something, “Are you bleeding? Is it going to cost me money? Then, it will be ok.” 🙂 And even when it was serious, she always went to a calm place – I knew it would be ok. I feel like I’ve adopted that attitude. I’m actually better at handling the big things as opposed to life’s little inconveniences. I’m better in a crisis than I am when there’s traffic:) Need to work on that! Thanks, mom.

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